Renner Earns CMP Designation

Wendy Renner, principal of Wantulok Design, has just received her Certified New Home Marketing Professional (CMP) Designation, by the National Association of Home Builders, University of Housing.

To earn this designation, the following must be completed: Four (4) IRM Courses: Each course consists of sixteen hours of instruction. The courses are as follows:

IRM I: You'll gain knowledge of the demographic, economic, and psychographic factors that affect housing supply and demand. You'll also learn to employ a model that projects opportunities for specific local markets.

IRM II: Designed for mid- to large-volume builders, this course will show you how to maximize results from every dollar you spend on marketing. With optimum product placement, pricing, and promotional tactics, you can plan future results with confidence.

IRM III: This course offers you an array of advertising, public relations and marketing ideas, including the design of models and sales centers that appeal to a target market, optimize traffic flow and impress prospective customers.

IRM IV: Improve your business operations, REALTOR relations and customer follow-up by integrating your sales force into an overall marketing plan. This course emphasizes five basic principles of strategic sales management and teaches you how to get the most from every member of your team.

50 elective credits

A minimum of three years experience in new home marketing.

Wendy's main reason for pursuing this designation was to gain hands-on insight to the entire process a builder or developer goes through when planning a new community. The CMP designation is the first step toward gaining a Member, Institute of Residential Marketing (MIRM) Certification. To achieve MIRM status, a full case study is personally conducted for a new home community, which is then evaluated and judged by their peers. Acceptance is granted upon completing and being able to exhibit a successful case study.